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Setting Up Your Digital Consultation Space

From hassle-free registration to setting your personalized schedule, we have streamlined every step to ensure a smooth beginning on

What do you need?

Start your digital practice with minimal requirements: medical credentials for registration, a web browser for the Doctor's Panel, and a computer with a camera and internet connection for patient interactions.

Computer, camera and internet connection

Web browser to access Doctor’s Panel

Medical credentials to register

Transparent Pricing Terms

Step into a clear and straightforward pricing framework, starting with free registration, the choice to cancel at your convenience, and payment solely for the video calls you handle. The same attractive pricing is available to new patients who find you on the app, promoting a growing patient base.

FREE to register

Cancel whenever

Pay as you go based on video calls

Competitive pricing

Same favorable pricing for new patients that find you on the app

Effortless Onboarding Process

Transition smoothly to digital healthcare by setting your availability, selecting the users who can schedule with you, and conducting virtual consultations via the Doctor's Panel without changing your current practice management software.

Set your schedule

Choose which users can schedule with you

Join scheduled calls from the Doctor's Panel

Continue with your existing practice software

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