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What can I do with the app?

Obtain sick leaves
If you are sick, you can speak with a doctor in a video call to receive an electronic sick leave.
Receive prescriptions
You can book a video call to ask about a prescription.
Receive a referral to a specialty doctor
If you need a referral to a specialty doctor, you can use our app to request one. Your chosen doctor will speak with you.
Consult your doctor
Consult with your doctor about any question or health problem you have in a safe and secure environment.
Refill E-prescriptions
Once you have received a prescription through a video call on our platform, you can request refills easily through our app without having to try to get a hold of the office or by going in person.


Communicate with your doctor
from the ease of your home.
Access a network of doctors.
No charge for teleconsultations
(private patients do get an invoice from the doctor as usual).


Communicate with your doctor from the ease of your home

By using our app, you can consult with your own doctor that knows you from the comfort of your home. (If they are not part of our network yet, you can invite them in our app!).

  • Save the trip to the doctor's office
  • Save the usually long waiting time in the waiting room and you do not expose yourself to other patient's viruses
Access to a network of doctors

If your doctor is not available or not yet part of our network, you can select a doctor based on different criteria:

  • search for a doctor’s availability at the time and day that is most convenient for you
  • search for doctors with additional qualifications to help you better with your problem like functional medicine, allergologist, diabetologist, anywhere in Germany
  • search for a doctor that has a practice close to your home (if you would like to be able to have in-person visits in the future)
  • select the gender of the doctor
No charge for teleconsultations for patients

As a patient, you do not pay for the teleconsultation. And for the medical services: as a public insured patient, your insurance will pay your doctor directly. As a privately insured patient, you will receive a bill from your doctor just like as if you saw the doctor in person.

Several medical specialties

We currently offer the following medical specialties:

General Practitioners
Health condition questionnaire

Fill out our health condition questionnaire prior to your appointment. The benefits are:

  • It helps to think about everything that you would like to tell your doctor
  • Our health condition questionnaire supports you, so you do not forget to mention anything
  • It prepares your doctor for the appointment so he or she can ask the right questions and give you the right treatment
  • It makes the appointment more efficient
Upload medical documentation

If you would like to hand any medical documentation to your doctor, you can do so by uploading documents in our app.

Data security

Your data and video call adhere to the highest standards of security to make sure your medical information is secure.


1. What can I do with your app?

- You can book appointments with general practitioners, dermatologists, and with pediatricians for your kids.

- During your appointment, you can get medical advice on your health condition, receive an electronic prescription, get a referral to specialist and obtain a sick leave

- Once you have an established relationship with your doctor and have gotten a prescription through our platform, you can request a refill in the app without requiring a video call.

2. I would like to get a prescription, referral to specialist, or sick leave, how do I get that?

You simply book an appointment in our app, and you can discuss everything with your doctor in the video call.

3. Can I see a doctor of another specialty besides the listed ones on your app?

We are working on expanding the profile as we are growing. So far, we offer general medicine, dermatology, and pediatrics.

4. Do you have any other programs besides the teleconsultations?

We are also launching a weight loss program that is based on the latest research. One of its most compelling features is that the weight loss will be sustainable. Stay tuned for updates!

5. I have a public insurance, can I still use your app?

Of course, you can use our services with any public or private insurance.

6. Do the patients get charged for using the app?

No, the service is free for you. The doctors will bill the public insurances and will bill the patients with private insurances directly who then can get the amount reimbursed by their insurance – it is just like going to the doctor’s office in person.

1. What if my doctor is not available in the next few days?

You can search for an appointment by selecting the desired time frame in the filter to see which doctors are available. There are also other filters that let you specify the proximity of the doctors practice, additional qualifications, and gender.

2. I am not available anymore at the time I booked a video call, how can I change the date and time?

You change the appointment by going to “My calls” in the bottom panel (right next to the FAQ section), and then select “Cancel appointment” for the respective appointment. Please do this as early as possible once you know for sure that you will not be able to make the appointment.

You can change the appointment up to 15 minutes before the start of your appointment. After that it will be marked as “missed appointment.”

3. I forgot about my video call, what happens now?

This will be registered as a “missed appointment.” Do not worry, this can happen to anyone. However, please make sure to remember your appointment next time, your doctor reserved the time slot just for you. To help you remember it, please make sure you have the notifications turned on (see next question).

4. How do I turn on my notifications to get reminded about a video call?

Go to My Profile in the bottom panel of the app, right next to the FAQ. Then go to settings. There you can adjust all notifications.

5. I would like to use a different doctor, how can I do that?

You can choose any doctor in our network simply by booking an appointment with that doctor. Please also see question below “My doctor is not in your network, what can I do?”.

6. My doctor is not in your network, what can I do?

If you would like to speak to a specific doctor that is not yet part of our network, you can invite the doctor in our app. Go to book a video call using the bottom left button, and then scroll down until you see “Invite my doctor.” You can invite him/her by entering their name and email address.

7. Do I get a notification / reminder about my video call?

You get a notification through the app if you have it set up. Please also see “How do I turn on my notifications to get reminded about a video call?”

8. How do I join the call when it is time for my appointment?

You go to “My Calls” in the bottom panel or click on the push notification on your phone 15 min prior. Also, when you open the app, you will get a prompt 15min prior to your all in the dashboard.

9. Can I ask my doctor about more than what I specified when booking the video call?

Yes, of course.

10. What happens if I do not fill out the details about my health condition prior to the call?

That is not a problem. Filling out the details is optional. It is however helpful for the doctor to see all the necessary information together and right away to give you the best treatment.

11. I do not see my prescriptions in the list for a refill, what do I do?

If you are sure that you received the prescription for a medication through telehealth but you do not see it on the list, please contact us using the form below.

1. Who has access to my medical information?

Only the doctor that you choose is able to see the info you enter about your health conditions. You may omit this information and book the appointment without entering any information. 
If you agree at the end of the booking process, that doctor will also be able to access your electronic patient files. However, that is your choice that you can make with every appointment.

How does it work?

For patients

Download the app
Register in our app
Speak to your doctor about your health problem
Get your advice, sick leave, prescription, and referral.

Coming soon

Dermatology Module
Weight Loss Module
Leverages data and technology
We offer modules that are based on data and leverage technology, including artificial intelligence, to help drive sustainable health improvementfrom the ease of your home.
Many modules within one app
Simplifying the new e-Health landscape