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How it works

A simple, step-by-step journey towards accessible and reliable healthcare right from the comfort of your home.


Download and register

Download the app and register for an account. Provide your health insurance information. Set up your children’s profiles within your own account.


Schedule Your Appointment and Provide Health Information

Schedule an appointment with your own doctor or another doctor. Provide any relevant health information to the doctor.


Receive Timely Reminders and Attend Your Virtual Consultation

You will receive reminders prior to your appointment. Join your appointment in the app and discuss with the doctor as you would in the practice.


Seamless Billing through Your Insurance, No Extra Charges

No payment is necessary to The doctor will use your insurance information to complete the billing just like it happens in the practice.

The Possibilities of Telemedicine

Explore a new horizon of healthcare where convenience meets professionalism. Telemedicine on enables you to consult with certified doctors, manage your health records, and much more, all at the tap of a finger.

Video Consultations for New or Existing Conditions

Schedule a video consultation with qualified doctors to receive personalized medical advice for new or ongoing health concerns, right from your home.

Connect with Your Doctor or Discover a New One

Use our advanced search to connect with your trusted doctor or discover new medical professionals, ensuring a personalized and comfortable healthcare experience.

Effortless Electronic Sick Leave Submission

Easily obtain and forward sick leave documentation to your employer, with our platform smoothing the communication between you, your healthcare provider, and employer.

Specialist Referrals and Expertise Discovery

Get referrals for specialty doctors or effortlessly find experts on our platform, guiding you to the right specialist for your healthcare needs.

Easy E-Prescription Requests and Refills

Effortlessly request new e-prescriptions or refill existing ones on our platform for continuous access to essential medications.

Accessible Medical Care That Fits Your Schedule

Don't wait until you feel under the weather. Download now, and have medical expertise ready whenever you need it, right in your cozy space.


Frequently Asked Questions: Get Answers to Your Queries about Navigating, Scheduling Appointments, and Ensuring Data Security

Searching For a Doctor

Patients can see all available doctors on the application. Some doctors may indicate that they only want to see existing patients, but many are open to new patients. There are many ways to search for a doctor: - Search for a doctor with availability at the time that is most convenient for you. - Search for doctors based on gender or qualifications. - Search for a doctor with a physical practice close to your location in case an in-person appointment is needed.

Joining the Call

To join the scheduled video call, go to “My Calls” in the bottom panel or click on the push notification on your phone. The app will also notify you to join the video call 15 minutes prior to the start. We recommend that you join the call 15 minutes early to ensure that everything is functioning properly. In the best case, the doctor can also take the call early and you’re finished sooner.

E-Prescription Refills

Once you have an established relationship with your doctor and have gotten a prescription through our platform, you can request a refill in the app without requiring a video call. These e-prescriptions will be saved to your account. If you have receive done before but do not see it on the list, please contact us.


You do not pay for use of the application. Medical services are billed by the doctor just as you would experience during an appointment at the practice. For public insured patients, insurance will pay the doctor directly. For privately insured patients, the doctor will send an invoice that you can then submit for reimbursement. Nothing different, except that you save the travel and waiting time.

Medical Information

You can upload any medical information for the doctor to see prior to the call. There is also a dynamic health condition questionnaire that you can complete. These types of items better prepare the doctor for the appointment.

Data Security

Your data and video calls adhere to the highest standards of security to make sure your medical information is secure. Only the doctor that you choose is able to see the info you enter about your health conditions. You may omit this information and book the appointment without entering any information. If you agree at the end of the booking process, that doctor will also be able to access your electronic patient files. However, that is your choice that you can make with every appointment.