Empowering Your
Health Digitally

Dive into the future of healthcare with TeleHealth.de's digital health application platform, offering a range of personalized medical tools and services.

Embracing Digital Health Innovations

At TeleHealth.de, we intersect healthcare, data science, and technology to create digital health applications aimed at enhancing health outcomes.

Tech-Enhanced Healthcare

Understanding Digital Health Applications

Discover how digital platforms are reshaping the healthcare landscape, enabling a proactive approach to managing both physical and mental health.

Health-focused apps and web applications for detecting, monitoring, and treating various physical and mental illnesses.

Utilized to augment treatment through information dissemination, contextual guidance, or patient exercises.

Subject to strict evaluation for medical content, data protection, and effectiveness to qualify for prescription.

Doctors can prescribe approved applications to facilitate comprehensive and coordinated care.

Our Development Criteria

Our Development Criteria

We prioritize a holistic approach, ensuring our digital health applications address the root causes of health conditions and promote sustainable, positive health outcomes.

Aiming for solutions that:

Aid doctors in patient treatment and monitoring

Foster overall health and well-being

Address the root causes of health conditions

Embrace a holistic approach

Promote sustainable health outcomes, reducing lifetime healthcare costs

Are scalable and have a high likelihood of successful outcomes


Biomarker-Driven Metabolic Health App

Unlock sustainable weight loss and enhanced metabolic health by targeting your unique metabolic set point with our app.

Bridging traditional personalized approaches with scalable digital solutions, we provide a pathway to better health and potentially lower lifetime healthcare costs.

Explore personalized metabolic health management.

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