Elevate Your Practice Effortlessly

With TeleHealth.de, seamless integration meets increased efficiency, opening doors to a host of new patients. Redefine healthcare delivery by embracing digital excellence today.

Seamlessly Integrate, Enhance Efficiency, and Attract New Patients

Step into a realm where easy integration, heightened efficiency, and a surge of new patients is the norm. With the Digital Care Act fueling Germany's healthcare digitization, TeleHealth.de emerges as your reliable ally.

Our platform is engineered to effortlessly intertwine with your existing practice, while our telehealth and e-health applications drive operational efficiency to a new peak. The ripple effect? A noticeable influx of new patients, made possible by our tailored business model accompanied by robust marketing and training support.

Embrace TeleHealth.de, where transitioning to digital healthcare is synonymous with advancing your practice.

Enhancing Practice Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction

Discover a suite of benefits for both doctors and patients as you seamlessly integrate telemedicine into your practice with TeleHealth.de.

Ease of Integration

Transition smoothly to telemedicine with our user-friendly solution, enriching your practice's digital capabilities.

Digital Prescription Requests

Empower patients to request prescriptions digitally via the app, simplifying the process for both parties.

Access to Top 
E-Health Apps

Offer patients a range of leading e-health applications designed to support their health and well-being journey.

Optimized Appointment Scheduling

Convert select appointments to telemedicine, enhancing in-office availability for those requiring in-person care and improving overall patient satisfaction.

Extended Doctor Network

Provide patients with access to other doctors within our network during your unavailability, ensuring uninterrupted care.

A Versatile Application Tailored for Your Practice

Harness the power of TeleHealth.de to streamline your operations, broaden your practice's reach, and enhance patient engagement with our suite of advanced features.

Effortless Scheduling

Explore user-friendly scheduling tools to streamline appointment management. TeleHealth.de provides features like automatic booking for efficient time allocation. Tailor your schedule to your professional preferences and patient needs.

Broaden or Narrow Your Practice's Reach

Increase visibility among TeleHealth.de users who can find your practice and schedule appointments. Apply limitations such as age, insurance type, or existing relationships to align with your professional goals.

Insightful Patient Health Pre-Assessment

Our pre-assessment for patients emphasizes ease of use and logical flow to get you the information you need in the most efficient manner possible, ensuring the best outcome for your virtual consultation.

Digital Aid for Improved Patient Outcomes

Explore digital health tools designed to enhance patient monitoring and support, improving overall treatment experiences.

How it works

A simple, step-by-step journey towards accessible and reliable healthcare right from the comfort of your home.


Swift Registration and Setup

Register for a free account on TeleHealth.de quickly, provide your credentials for verification, and ensure a computer with a camera and internet connectivity. Explore the user-friendly Doctor's Panel from your browser for a smooth transition into digital healthcare.


Automated Appointment Notifications

Receive real-time schedule updates as patients book appointments, along with advance email notifications and alerts for incoming calls, ensuring a seamless consultation process and efficient time management.


Easy Join and Consult

With a click from the Doctor's Panel, join consultations and access patient-provided medical information before or during the call, ensuring effective discussions in a virtual setup mirroring in-person interactions.


Seamless Integration with Your Existing Software

Continue using your preferred medical software alongside TeleHealth.de for a centralized digital workspace, ensuring a consistent and efficient workflow whether consulting patients online or in person.

Budget-Friendly Pricing for Quality Healthcare Delivery

Register for free and enjoy a transparent pay-as-you-go pricing model. With TeleHealth.de, flexibility is at your fingertips – cancel anytime and unlock better rates with increased volume.

Per video call with publicly insured patients, including new patients
Per video call with privately insured patients, including new patients
To approve a request for an e-prescription refill without a call

Discover a world of digital healthcare opportunities without any upfront costs. 

Start your TeleHealth.de journey with a free registration now.


Zero Costs for Patients, Valuable Returns for Your Practice

Patients enjoy free app usage while your practice bills them as per standard insurance procedures. Experience a compelling return on investment through our activity-based competitive pricing model, improving your financials and enhancing your work-life balance.

No App Usage Costs for Patients

Patients enjoy free access to the app, with medical treatment billing carried out by your practice according to standard insurance procedures.

Improving financials

TeleHealth.de is crafted to deliver a substantial return on investment for your practice, be it financial gains or a better work-life balance.

Activity-Based Competitive Pricing

Our pricing model is hinged on activity levels, aligning costs with data storage and security needs to meet growing regulatory standards.


Streamlined Billing for Smooth Transactions

Navigate through a simplified billing process with TeleHealth.de, ensuring seamless transactions and dedicated support for all your queries.

Hassle-Free Billing System

Experience a smooth billing process designed for ease and efficiency.

Easy Fee Deduction Setup

Provide your bank details at registration for a straightforward fee deduction process.

Transparent Invoicing

Receive clear and detailed invoices along with supporting documents for every transaction.

Dedicated Support

Have a question? Reach out to us via call or email - we're here to assist you.

Your Pathway to Modern Healthcare Delivery

Partner with TeleHealth.de to transform your practice, ensuring the highest standards of data security, transparent billing, and a satisfying patient experience.


Frequently Asked Questions: Get Answers to Your Queries about Navigating TeleHealth.de, Scheduling Appointments, and Ensuring Data Security.

Canceling A Call

If you can no longer make a scheduled call, simply cancel the call in the Doctor’s Panel. The patient will be notified to reschedule.

E-Prescription Refills

We want to support your operations and provide the option that patients can request prescription refills and you can easily send these out (you just need to issue the medication once before via video call).

Inviting Patients to the App

If you would like to speak to a specific patient that is not yet part of our network, you can invite the patient in the doctor panel. Go to “Invite” on the right panel, then select Patient. You can invite him/her by entering their name and email address. We will also provide you with materials to keep in your practice and send out electronically so that patients can easily join.

Inviting Colleagues to the App

If you would like to invite a doctor to our network, you can invite the doctor in the Doctor Panel. Go to “Invite” on the right panel, then select Doctor. You can invite him/her by entering their name and email address. The doctor will have to go through the same registration and approval process to be available for patients in the app.

Data Security

Only you as the doctor are able to see the info that the patient entered about their health conditions. However, the patient may omit this information and book the appointment without entering any information. If the patient agrees, you will have access to the patient’s electronic patient files.