Innovative Healthcare

Our mission is to provide accessible, innovative healthcare solutions to make people healthier all while lowering costs to the healthcare system.

Our Story was founded by Dr. Svenja (Lagershausen) Schoonover, an experienced and published Operations Management (Data Science) expert.

Svenja's career in academia transitioned from teaching at the University of Hannover to partnering with leading scheduling experts at New York University, conducting innovative research on improving efficiencies of health systems. Svenja recognized the significant potential that existed from bringing advanced data sciences into healthcare, potentially addressing some of biggest problems facing society such as metabolic diseases.

This passion resulted in the creation of, a differentiated telehealth platform focused on addressing the problems, not adding to them. The mission has remained the same since the first day: offer innovative solutions to make people healthier while lowering costs.

In developing, Svenja partnered with and is advised by leading industry experts from various fields such as data security, IT infrastructure, medicine, and finance.

Redefining Telemedicine Efficiency

Harnessing the synergy of healthcare expertise, data science, and technological innovation to streamline processes and deliver outstanding results.

Optimized Processes

Leveraging advanced data sciences for streamlined operations and enhanced results.

Holistic Health Philosophy

Fostering a comprehensive approach towards sustainable health outcomes.

Economic Efficiency

Eliminating financial hurdles in telemedicine and digital platforms for accessible healthcare.

Breakthrough Care

Delivering innovative care solutions to reduce lifetime healthcare costs.

Discover Our Platform

Bridging healthcare innovation with seamless user experience


Innovative technology that connects individuals and healthcare professionals (scheduling, video calls, A.I.).

Medical Services

Dedicated professionals that provide health care to users, particularly to cover off-hours for most of our partner doctors.

Digital Health Apps

Doctor-vetted digital applications designed to achieve better health outcomes.


Designed to empower users while also making them aware of our solutions.