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gain more patients

and use your time more efficiently


Use your time more efficiently

We have developed a sophisticated health condition questionnaire that asks the patient about their current condition, allergies, chronic diseases etc. so that you and your patient are well prepared for the consultation.

Expand your customer base

Based on your specialty, additional qualifications, time availability, and location, patients can specifically search for you, book an appointment for a video call with you and also see you in person.

We schedule the patients based on your availabilities

You specify on which days and during which times you are available for video calls, and we schedule the patients accordingly for you.

Use your own practice software for medical documentation, prescriptions etc.

You can continue to use your own software so you have everything in one place, whether you see your patient on or in person.

Pay as you go

We do not charge you a monthly fee. Instead we charge based on how many video calls you make, and it is only 1 Euro per call, for both private and public insured patients.

Electronic Prescription Refills – at no charge

We want to support your operations and provide the option that patients can request prescription refills and you can easily send these out (you just need to issue the medication once before via video call).

What can I do in the doctor panel?

Full knowledge about patients’
health condition
Get a good overview about what your upcoming patients need from you based on the health condition questionnaire
Information during a video call
Access the patient information easily during the video call
Your patients database
See the list of your patients and their details
Guide your patients
Provide them with notes after the call to guide them in their treatment and so that no information gets lost


1. What can I do with your platform?

- You can have video calls with your established patients as well as new patients.
- During the video call, you can give medical advice, issue an electronic prescription, issue a referral to specialist and write a sick leave.
- Once you have an established relationship with your patient and have issued a prescription through our platform, the patient can request a refill in the app without requiring a video call. You can approve or decline the request and issue an electronic prescription.

2. Do you have any other programs besides the teleconsultations?

We are also launching a weight loss program that is based on the latest research. One of its most compelling features is that the weight loss will be sustainable. Stay tuned for updates!

3. Can I treat private patients only?

Of course, you can select that you only treat private patients and then you will only be available to be booked in the app by private patients.

4. Do the patients get charged for using the app?

No, the service is free for patients.

5. How does the billing process for medical services work?

The doctors will bill the public insurances and the patients with private insurances directly who then can get the amount reimbursed by their insurance – just as if the patient saw you in person.

1. I am not available at the time anymore in which I have an appointment. How can I cancel or change the date and time?

You cannot change the date, you can only cancel, and the patient will then be able to book with you another time in which you are available. The cancellations are done in the doctor panel.

2. My patient is not registered in the app, but I would like to talk with him/her on the telehealth platform, what can I do?

If you would like to speak to a specific patient that is not yet part of our network, you can invite the patient in the doctor panel. Go to “Invite” on the right panel, then select Patient. You can invite him/her by entering their name and email address.

3. I would like my colleague to cover for me on telehealth, how can I do that?

If you would like to add a doctor to our network, you can invite the doctor in the doctor panel. Go to “Invite” on the right panel, then select Doctor. You can invite him/her by entering their name and email address. The doctor will have to go through the same registration and approval process to be available for patients in the app.

4. Do I get a notification / reminder about my appointment?

You have a calendar with all upcoming calls in the doctor panel. You will also get an email as a reminder.

5. How do I join the call when it is time for my appointment?

You go to “My Calls” in the bottom panel or click on the push notification on your phone 15 min prior. Also, when you open the app, you will get a prompt 15min prior to your all in the dashboard.

1. Who has access to the medical information?

Only you as the doctor are able to see the info that the patient entered about their health conditions. However, the patient may omit this information and book the appointment without entering any information. 
If the patient agrees, you will have access to the patient’s electronic patient files.

Let your colleagues fill in for you
When you are not available
Better doctor-patient

How does it work?

For doctors

Communicate with patients quickly and easily through the app
Ask patients to share key data to help you with monitoring their treatment
Leverage our simplified ecosystem to make your life easier

Coming soon

Dermatology Module
Weight Loss Module
Leverages data and technology
We offer modules that are based on data and leverage technology, including artificial intelligence, to help drive sustainable health improvementfrom the ease of your home.
Many modules within one app
Simplifying the new e-Health landscape